A 'Direct Response' CMS Website Helps Keep Your Business Ahead Of The Competition

Optin Forms, Lead Generation, On Site SEO, Visitor Tracking
  • 1Premium Content Management Systems

    A well developed CMS is one of the smartest investments you can do for your business. It's a powerful business asset with a tremendous ROI if used wisely.

    If you are in business then you are in SALES whether you admit it or not, even if you are only promoting yourself. If your site sucks at its purpose of bringing new business, then you need to take steps to ensure you have the tools to help your business thrive, securing its long term profitability whatever the economy.
  • 2Built-In Google Analytics

    Track Visitors to see where they are coming from, what appeals to them, and where you can improve. Save wasting time and resources on what isn't profitable so you can focus on what is!

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  • 3Lead Generation & Newsletter

    Email marketing is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to gain and keep new customers. Optin Forms ensure you have their permission to market to them. A Newsletter helps you build a loyal customer base and a responsive mailing list, generating more leads and increasing sales for your business.

  • 4Social Media & SEO Optimisation

    Built In Search Engine Optimisation to help prospective customers to find you when they search.The best site in the world is useless if you can't be found.

    Save time by managing your Facebook & Twitter postings from within the Dashboard of your site.

The Unicorn. The Leprechaun. The Loch Ness monster. The Website Company that understands Direct Marketing. All supposedly mythical - until you encounter one for yourself!   My passion as the 'small business whisperer' means I'm paid to critique a LOT of websites.

Most either look great, but were built by a 'designer' who clearly knows little about marketing, or the small business owner themselves, who clearly knows little about websites!  

Google 'website designer' & you will see 415 MILLION results ... but you couldn't pay me to use anyone else, as I now TRUST Lee to build a site which ticks all my boxes - which for me is as rare as, well, Unicorn poop!

David Shillito, Top Internet Marketer and Direct Marketing Consultant